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Well, guys! I’m 21 now. Besides the fact that Wyoming’s laws have already allowed me to drink under the supervision of a “legal guardian” or “of age spouse” being 21 feels pretty legit. (yes, I said it. I don’t often, but I just did.)

Hubby treated me to a date night out at Walkers American Grill and Tapas Bar in Billings, MT. They have live jazz every Sunday night and we were serenaded through our dinner. We scarfed a huge plate of steamed mussels and shared plates of caesar salad and mini beef tacos. I ordered a Walkers Blackberry something-or-other that included an applewood liqueur. It was the perfect middle ground between that deep red wine and that fruity cocktail that I couldn’t decide between.

Days like yesterday are really nice to have speckled in our simple, sometimes repetitive life. They are days for dreaming and scheming. For projecting our thoughts into one another’s image of our future together, to make sure we are still on the same page.

There is a lot of noise in our life and it was really great to get away from it, remember who we are as a married couple, and dream about who we want to be someday.

Thank you so much for all of the texts, comments, and facebook posts. Sometimes I forget just how purely and simply blessed I am by so many wonderful people. You are all incredible additions to God’s kingdom and I am so happy to be apart of your life.

outfit details (in case you care):

LBD – victoria’s secret $60 (link n/a) /

mustard cardi $40 – urban outfitters /

nude heels $5 – walmart special /

arrow necklace $4 – forever 21 (similar)/

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