A sweet goodbye. 


my siblings & I being goofs.

As you may have noticed, my posting on JAS has been significantly sparse these last few months.
I am a writer. But I’m also an artist. A wife. A mom. A sister. A daughter. A goof. A wall-painter. A DIYer. A boss lady. A nomad. A maker. An anxious mess. A worrier. An introvert. A mentor. A wanderer. A tree hugger. A ziplock buyer. A butt wiper. A dishwasher. 

This blog has seen me through all of these things and more. And it’s been more than an honor to share them all with you. It’s been a privilege. A burden. A limit pusher. A mentor. A community.

And now it’s time for it to end. I’ve been feeling the dying of this branch in my life for quite some time and have been waiting for the clarity to end it. Truth is, our budget told us that we can’t keep up both our personal blog and our biz website, so it was just the push I needed.

I’m not going to stop writing, but I am going to say goodbye to justasparrow.com.

Though it hurts to let this outlet of mine go…
I have to.

But I couldn’t go without thanking you. Thanking you for all of your support. For your sweet comments, on and off screen, and your endless loyalty in listening in on our little life. It’s been a sweet 6 years, friends.

I’m not leaving the Internet, but I am going to let this blog expire. It and all its content will disappear in a week or so.

If you wish to continue to keep up with our lives, sign up for our monthly newsletter on our website www.thehigginscreative.com. And follow me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/mrslilahhiggins.

A good old fashion email (lahiggins@me.com) or text or phone call wouldn’t hurt to catch up either.

Know that you are much loved and appreciated and I am crying (again!! 😭) as I write this. But as God prunes this branch, I hold onto hope that He will make way for brand new life.

I invite you to come along.

xo, Lilah

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