that was easy // avocado + cilantro devil eggs.


ingredients: a dozen eggs, hard boiled, chilled, + peeled 1 ripe avocado handful of cilantro 1 tablespoon of olive oil a few shimmies of feta cheese salt + pepper to taste dash of garlic salt   instructions: cut chilled eggs … Continue reading 

way to be // always classy.

keep it classy

To live a classy lifestyle, you don’t have to necessarily have that classy cash. Most days, I don’t have a reason to be so, because my little ones could care less and I have way more to accomplish than being classy. … Continue reading 

Blogs I follow // my nominations for the Liebster Award!


So apparently in the blogging world, there is this wonderful thing called a Liebster Award. And apparently only newbies don’t know about it. Well, newbies and then there’s me as well. How long have I been at this blogging thing? What? … Continue reading