What a normal day looks like.

Crumbs on the floor, toys strewn everywhere but the toy box, and a pile of dirty laundry that the toddler decided belonged in the bathtub, as did everything else he could reach in the bathroom. I promise, I was only one room away folding laundry. Most days look something similar to these photos, with a few varieties. Oh, and the camera during “nap” time just doesn’t work, but believe me that’s an interesting test of patience and a mess in and of itself.

I strive for transperancy on the web because it’s so easy to weed out the lesser stuff for the stuff that looks better. But it’s often in the lesser things where God’s grace shines through and I believe that those moments are worth sharing with joy.

So, here’s a peek into our everyday.


He hides from my kisses.    

And throws things that don’t belong in the bathtub.  

She’s beautiful, in so many ways.  

But also whines sometimes.  

He sticks his face in the camera when I tell him to smile.  

And gives me attitude & calls me ‘Honey’ as he rolls his eyes.

There’s always junk on this rug and currently you could find a whole meal on the floor of my living room.      

Again, with the face in the lens. 

And she’s just still too cute and she can stay this little (and unopinionated) for as long as she wants.

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